Afternoon in Guildford

Bus, then train to Guildford.

Morning sunny, but not for long. Not raining, then a downpour the like of which I have rarely seen, torrential rain I could not even cross the road to catch the bus.

A couple of hours late into Guildford.

I was pleased to see top fruit and vegetable stall on the North Street market using compostable boxes for some of their produce.

This is a standard Guildford must enforce not only for this market, but also their farmers market.

If stalls are not plastic free, they do not get a pitch, as simple as that.

Honey crunch chicken in Bamboo Shoots. No brown rice, no rice. I settled for rice noodles.

To library, climb to top floor to briefly use computers, lift out of action.

Motorcycle delivery serfs are still riding through Tunsgate a pedestrianised street.

Cappuccino in Krema. They need to change from Horsham Workhouse. I suggest Brazil Columbia blend from DT roaster, or whatever Caravan had as espresso blend at Brighton Coffee Festival or the Origin I had last week at Marmadukes.

Cut through Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre. As always empty

Looked in M&S. Did not stop. Usual piss-poor service, tills not manned.

Zero fat Greek yogurt an oxymoron.

Cappuccino in Harris + Hoole. Would have been perfect but for the beans.

— to be continued —

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