Afternoon in Winchester

I set off earlier than usual, I would have arrived lunchtime. As I was early, I alighted at Alresford to explore Alresford and stayed and had lunch and a coffee at Carocoli.

Day started off sunny, once early morning rain had cleared. Dark clouds from Alton, then heavy torrential rain, then sunny at Alresford.

Bus set off late from Alton, driver stood outside bus having a phone conversation. He then drove far too fast through the torrential rain to make up lost time.

Rain ceased as Alresford reached.

Alresford a small Georgian market town of Georgian town houses. I wandered down as far as Old Alresford Pond.

No time to catch next bus, stayed at Caracoli for lunch and a coffee.

Caracoli was a small chain of half a dozen coffee shops. It came as little surprise when they went bust. Poor quality coffee and did not know what they were, a coffee shop or a deli. Now only two coffee shops, Alresford and Haslemere. Guildford closed, Farnham a greasy spoon cafe serving coffee.

Lunch was fine, the coffee ok, they need to source better quality coffee. But the best coffee in Alresdford, and would be better if sourced quality coffee beans.

A few doors up the street a strange setup, DIY Coffee. Insult customers with Cupsmith coffee served from a coffee machine. No surprise empty.

Coffee #1, undrinkable coffee, poor service, poor quality food. A chain of masquerading as independent, owned by Caffe Nero.

I would normally alight off the bus, walk down the hill into Winchester. I alighted off the bus but instead of walking down the hill I headed to an industrial estate at Winnall to DT Roastery. No one there I knew, a wasted journey.

Head back down into Winchester down an unpleasant busy polluted road, then back streets along the River Itchen into Winchester.

River Itchen flowing very fast.

Excellent coffee at The Square. Not so the cake.

Time for a walk in the gathering dusk, around the back streets and along the River Itchen to catch the bus to Alton.

The bee on Winchester Cathedral to herald Green Hampshire Harvest Weekend .

No food left at Alton Station Cafe, no sign of any bikers.

— to be continued —

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