Pick a Bap Korean restaurant

Pick a Bap Korean restaurant, generous portion size, mainly takeaway but there are tables for eating in.

My dish was slightly aromatic.

The use of plastic, both for serving and for utensils is not good.

Where I sat was dirty and had not been cleaned.

The food is promoted as healthy. Meat or poultry with rice is not healthy. White rice, as with any processed carbohydrates, is not healthy.

They are though new, only been open a few weeks and are learning.

I have suggested they must make water available, either on demand, or a jug or jar of water.

Plastic they have got to have a rethink, use of plastic is not acceptable.

Dishes for eating in, some form of compostable container for takeaway.

An idea from an Indian takeaway, metal containers which buy from the restaurant, cf reusable coffee cups, have proved to be popular. Bring back, and either refill, or exchange for new clean container.

They were were willing to listen and improve, do not wish to be seen as bad for the environment.

St Modwen, who have already done an excellent job destroying Farnborough, are doing their best to destroy the evening economy by locking the main entrance to the Kingsmead shopping centre.

Busy lunchtime, mainly the lunchtime rush, then not busy. At night empty.

I have suggested at night, what food is left, sell at reduced price or give away.

Not as good as either the Indonesian street food restaurant in Aldershot or Bamboo Shoots in Guildford, but a marked improvement on the very low quality of food in Farnborough.

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10 Responses to “Pick a Bap Korean restaurant”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Wow. Let’s hope it has better luck then Byron’s Burgers and rib place or Sticky Fingers which always seems very empty when I pass by.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Hancock’s had their Half Hour. Sticky Fingers appears to have met a sticky end.

    Loss of chains no great loss.

    I had a long chat with Korean guys Tuesday evening, gave them suggestions how to improve.

    St Modwen in cahoots with Council have done an excellent job destroying the town centre. They now seem to be determined to destroy the evening businesses in Kingsmead.

    I alighted a bus 2120 Wednesday evening, to find the south entrance locked. The main entrance for buses, for the car parks, locked. Most people would assume shopping centre closed. They would not search for an alternative entrance

    I walked around to the middle entrance, walked in, walked through and out the north entrance.

    • Tony Lea Says:

      Ah so Sticky Fingers has met its inevitable demise. All those empty premise’s near the cinema and only ONE food outlet Prezzo surviving. I am led to believe Byrons and possibly Sticky Fingers were rent free as well to try and stimulate the area.

      The cinema seems to be thriving with its £4.99 offer even forcing the Camberley one down to the same sort of cheap price.

      Aldershot has now lost the Harvester as well as the Toby.

      Is there no hope and Rushmoor Council seems to think its doing such a great job. Do they not ever look at the evidence.

  3. Tony Lea Says:

    Problems getting in, an essential thing really 🙂 is not going to help things.
    It would be very interesting to see what the Council would have to say about this.

  4. Tony Lea Says:

    Good luck with Pick a Bap if they are still around in a years time they will have done very well.
    Lets hope they don’t lose too much money. History is not on their side.

  5. keithpp Says:

    St Modwen has destroyed the town centre, aided and abetted by a Council clueless on what constitutes good town centre development. The same Council that has done an excellent job destroying Aldershot.

    Had the Council done their homework they would have learnt the bad reputation of St Modwen.

    Closing door to Kingsmead, the main access from bus route and car park, an act of crass stupidity, that can only damage the evening economy.

    The cinema is not a success. There are not enough bums-on-seats to share with Aldershot. Cheap seats a sign of desperation. People report going to see a film and being the only ones there.

  6. keithpp Says:

    I have my doubts Pick a Bap will last long, once novelty has worn off.

    Food quality is poor. My first meal last week, was ok, not good. Next meals not so good. Friday night I left half eaten. Today I barely touched.

    The food does not compare with Bamboo Shoots where the dishes are freshly cooked.

    Asked was the food fresh, they told me cooked fresh in the morning.

    Asked what they do with the food in the evening, with a suggestion they either sell off half price or give away, they told me what they do not throw away they serve next day.

    I have eaten Korean street food at a street food market in Berlin. It was excellent. Could not say the same of what Farnborough has to offer. But then could say that of everything in Farnborough. Quality in Farnborough an alien concept

  7. keithpp Says:

    Passed through south entrance a little before 8pm on Friday evening. When I checked less than an hour later, some time before 9pm south entrance was closed.

    I have learnt why closed. To force use of multistory car park.

    Very infantile and childish behaviour by St Modwen. They own the inconvenient multistory, local council own the car park in from of the south entrance.

  8. keithpp Says:

    Sticky fingers is a strange one.

    Always in darkness, always empty, and yet look carefully and the door is slightly ajar.

    If it has no closed, gives every impression that it has.

    • Tony Lea Says:

      Crazy. You can’t believe they would be that desperate with parking.
      I thought someone told me Sticky Fingers was closed.
      Keep thinking I would try one one of these days but not really my style.
      I much prefer home cooking like Carolyn the lovely landlady at the Running Stream, Weybourne provides most dishes being under £10.

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