Appalling treatment of elderly passenger by Nepalese bus driver

1800 No 1 Stagecoach Gold bus Aldershot to Camberly via Farnborough.

The bus was late leaving, it had arrived a few minutes before, due to driver late leaving.

This happens all the time, drivers do not arrive at the bus until this bus is due to leave.

As the bus passed through North Camp into south Farnborough, an elderly man in his 90s asked the Nepalese driver where to alight from the bus. He was nearly knocked off his feet due to the bad eratic driving.

Instead of helping the man the driver turned very nasty and started shouting at the elderly passenger.

The man clearly distreseed became confused.

When he got off the bus, and as the bus drove off, man nearly toppled over on to the bus.

The elderly passenger alighted at Albert Road at around 1825, one stop before stop for Franborough Tech.

I alighted a few stops later at Queensmead South. As I was alighting, I spoke with the driver and said I was not happy with his treatment of an elderly man.

The driver then became very aggressive, started shouting at myself, that it was none of my business, shouted at me to get off his bus.

A young lady spoke to me when she got off the bus. She said it was appalling behaviour by the driver.

This is not acceptable behaviour by the driver, either towards the elderly passenger or to myself. He should be fired.

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2 Responses to “Appalling treatment of elderly passenger by Nepalese bus driver”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    I’m sure you must have more than enough evidence to report this driver to the senior management of Stagecoach.
    Be very interesting to hear what they have to say.
    I keep an eye on a 97 year old gentleman who sometimes uses the local bus I would hate it to be him involved in something like this.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Yes, was reported to stagecoach. It should not be too difficult to trace the driver, who I hope is fired.

    It was appalling treatment of the elderly passenger. And of myself when I raised with the driver, who became aggressive turned nasty, shouted at me it was none of my business, get off my bus.

    When we see this appalling behaviour it is everyone’s business, and it is not his bus.

    A young woman spoke to me when we alighted from the bus. She said she was appalled. That she too would be firing off a complaint to Stagecoach.

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