Autumn Equinox in Oxford

I knew heavy rain was due, would arrive mid-afternoon, but hoped it may arrive later.

Raining in the morning as I walked to the station, train to Oxford, then Reading.

Sun came out and it turned warm.

I popped into Reading as neglected to bring a cable to connect power bank to phone.

Mobile phone shop offered me a cable in a box for over six pounds. I said no, do you not have ones loose? He sold me one for three pounds, all of six inches long. But needs must.

Walking along Oxford Canal I was accosted by a man and asked to do a survey. Begagrs belief walking along a canal and asked to do a survey.

As with all surveys, meaningless questions, mainly what I thought of the canal, but of what relevance age, income etc. A trawl for information? And at what cost to the Canal Trust?

But when I rasied no information on the canal en route, no contacts deatisl, no website, twitter account, website, he was not intetsted, nor when I rasied a major pollution incident on a recent visit. At the very elast would have expected to have taken notes.

I did wonder would I find 101 Coffee Espross Bar in Jerich open as previosul on a Monday closed, due to fetivals.

Was open but not their suual baartsas.

Then Braca Food for lunch, their deli reasonable palce to eat.

Then on to Café Society. Still no sign of tghei lastet maagzimne. Add as in thes ummer told out soon.

Had a cappuccino.

Then on to Columbian Coffee Rpasters. Very annoyed to find closed, closed for traing.

As a result, popped in Jericho Coffee TradersJericho Coffee Traders. Coffee ok not great. Not on a par with the best coffee shops. All the more surprising they claimed Colombia Coffee Roaster do not know how to roast coffee. I know this not to be true. When challenged on this, fed bullshit.

— to be continued —

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