Afternoon in Guildford

Midday when I set off for Guildford sunny but still a chill in the air. A lovely warm afternoon in Guildford.

High Street noticeably not busy. Very few people compared with Lincoln on a Saturday, even compared with Lincoln on a weekday.

More empty retail units in the High Street. And not only the High Street.

As always excellent lunch at Bamboo Shoots.

As always excellent craft beer at Growlers & Cans.

Not been for a long time to Canopy Coffee. Out of the way and the coffee not good.

Today a pleasant surprise. They have always had excellent guest coffee, the problem no one capable of making coffee.

Today excellent cappuccino.

Sadly I cannot say the same of the V60 Japanese iced filter, very weak and watery.

Cappuccino at Krema followed by a cold brew.

Up North once the sun starts to go down has turned chilly. To be expected, it is autumn.

In Guildford stayed warm, until at least seven.

As leaving, sat by the River Wey a gathering of boats. No idea why.

3 Responses to “Afternoon in Guildford”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Couldn’t see any £1.20 thirds on the beer list Keith :-(.
    Have you seen what pubs are in CAMRAs 2020 Good Beer Guide always a good reference point.

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