Travelling street food circus returns to Lincoln

It is bad enough this travelling circus of junk food, poor quality street food, German sausages, chips, kebabs, poor quality cheese, passes through Lincoln once a year. Now it seems twice a year.

Added to which, as if Lincoln has enough problems with drunken yobs in the High Street on a Saturday afternoon, without adding a bar in the street in Corn Exchange.

Quality street food this is not, and yet another example of how Lincoln BIG wastes public money and why they should be wound up.

Quality Street food can be found in Lincoln for example Curry Jacks (outside Central Market, St Mark’s and once a month at Coffee Aroma), The Mint Box (outside Central Market), Barbell Burger Co (Lincoln Castle during Lincoln Steampunk Festival), Redhill Farm slow roast pork (Lincoln Castle during Lincoln Steampunk Festival).

It is long overdue these quality street food vendors got together as the founders of a Lincoln Street Food Festival, locally organised, local traders, invite only, if not quality, do not get a repeat invite. Would need a craft beer stall, a quality coffee stall, possibly cheese stall, if also served cheese in bread, pasta, paella, wood-fired clay oven pizza.

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2 Responses to “Travelling street food circus returns to Lincoln”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    ‘Craft beer’ another one falling for the marketing world ploy to add another £1.50p plus to a pint of beer.
    I thought you would know better as a coffee expert.

  2. keithpp Says:

    The only marketing I see is for the rubbish that pours out of the industrial plants of corporate chains which is what is classed as choice in the average pub. There is a strong correlation between what people drink and this rubbish that is marketed.

    No surprise the rate at which pubs are closing. The only surprise not closing at a faster rate.

    I have yet t see marketing for craft beer. Small breweries, word of mouth.

    Obvious you have yet to try quality beer.

    And no, not expensive, though some are, but then when you look at the hops they are using, the cost of ingredients is high.

    At BeeerHeadz Nottingham Station 1/3 pint £1-20. Not expensive.

    Not only that, in these small bars, they are insulted if called pubs, only quality, they know what they are serving, aimed at the connoisseurs, piss-heads who visit pubs not wanted. And never the same beer twice.

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