Springs Coffee Lounge

Two bags of coffee. An excellent espresso blend roasted for Refinery by Bonanza, Springs Coffee Lounge an omni roast for Two Gingers roasted by The Blending Room.

Of the two, which to choose? The aroma was excellent. Not my choice, that of Mike head barista at Stokes at The Lawn.

Mike chose the Springs Coffee Lounge, a Costa Rican that I had picked up from Two Gingers in Hull at the weekend.

For me a cappuccino, for himself brewed using a Canadiano.

At Two Gingers the cappuccino was excellent. Not so with Mike. Not bad, but not as good, though as cooled notes of fruit.

This to be expected. Two Ginger had the blend selected for them, were experienced with the coffee.

Canadiano, again as cooled a noticeable improvement.

The jury is out on the Candadiano. For home use very easy to brew a coffee, provides a very cloudy coffee, and for me, when I have done a comparison, I have prefered a V60.

It will depend though on the coffee. For example a cold brew at Krema is always cloudy and usually excellent.

Springs Coffee Lounge roasted by The Blending Room for Two Gingers, El Perozoso Las Lomas, this is the third or fourth roast each with its own label, variety … taste notes mango, orange, marmalade and honey, altitude …

Omni Roast: Is There One Roast to Rule Them All?

— to be continued —

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