Afternoon in Hull

Last night a squiggle on the weather map dividing the country, north of cool, south of very warm.

Smoothie off The Mint Box.

An example how bad ticketing. I query cost of tickets to Hull. I then after having a smoothie notice only two tickets. Usually four tickets, split tickets, ticket to Doncaster then Doncaster to Hull, is cheaper than ticket to Hull. Same applies to York. Ticket office reissued tickets but had gall to blame myself.

At Doncaster having tried one way to town centre thought would try other way along the road, but no time.

Squiggle on the weather map, appears to pass through Hull. Sunny en route, Hull turning cloudy and al ittle cooler, though sun does then break through and warms up.

Head to Paragon Arcade and Two Gingers.

As always excellent cappuccino. Their own blend from The Blending Room, Costa Rican. This I have as cappuccino. They also have guest coffee from Bonanza in Berlin.

I suggest try Coffee Gems, DT Roastery and Columbia Coffee Roastery.

White Rabbit a chocolatier next to Two Gingers. But girl knows nothing about chocolate. Not her fault, the fault of her employers. Not bean-to-bbar, not quality chocolate, bulked out with emulsifier, packed in plastic, and Great Taste Award meaningless.

Paragon Arcade has been restored.

Example of the quality shops, Tow Ginger and Koda furniture design.

The furniture from large blocks of wood.

But clueless on use of social medua, links to Instagram on twitter no pictures.

To Hull Old Town to Trinity Market, passed the Maritime Museum and water feature.

Burger off Shoot the Bull. Good but by no means the best I have had.

First time I had coffee off Caffeinated excelelnt.Next visit not so good na dunfriendly. Today I did nt bother and tehy looekd lack they would rather be anywhere than running a coffee shop. REinforced by bringing down the shutters at 3-30 even though Trinity Market busy.

Cfraft beer off craft beer stall. SErved in plastic, not the way to showcase quality beer.

And this sadly indicative of Trinity Market, supertficially quality, but on clsoerinspection a dsipaoantment.

Absynal environmental standards, stalls serving junk food in polystyrene boxes, crat beer in palstc. Eben the fruit and vegetabkel stall serving produc ein palstc bags.

Not acceptable. A captive audince. Everything should be biodragable, with bins provided.

Conatrst the carft beer stall with the caft beer statts in Oxfiord Covered markets. Sit and relax with beer in 1/3 pint glass. .

To Theieving Harry’s.

Reason cappuccino, but sadly more a greasy soon cafe tana quality coffee shop.

Pop back to Two Gingers. Cannot remeber ig I had paid earlier. No I had not, bt let off as I buy a bag of coffee.

On train from Hull, sat witha Nigeran lady. She hwas in her way from Bridlington toSheffeield. North of the suaggly line on the warger map, she sai dit was cool in Bridlington.

Train to Doncaster, Doncaster to REtford, thne third train from REtford running very late. 40 minsutes late. I will miss last bus.

Why no anoiancements at Doncaster. It may hav ebeen possivle to catch different train at Doncaster and change at Newrak. Or why not stop train at Newrak?

LNER staff unhelpfful to the point of being rude. Same when use Infornation pint. Told not their problem, call is cut.

Call Norghrn Fail. Very helpful ararnge fora taxi.

— to b econtinued —

2 Responses to “Afternoon in Hull”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    I believe the ticket office was perfectly correct. They are obliged to give you the cheapest end to end ticket. If you had asked for a split ticket then you would have got one Sir.

  2. keithpp Says:

    No, they were not correct. Cheapest ticket is split ticket.

    The only reason I know is that is what they usually issue.

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