Italian pop up kitchen Union St

I am no great fan of Italian, as usually the quality is not great and opening an Italian restaurant is no sure fire way to success, as Jamie Oliver learnt the hard way with Jamie’s Italian.

And yet I have encountered excellent pasta, for example Sicilian guys on a street food market in Winchester, Bassana del Grapa not in the town where the the food was awful, but at a restaurant at a hotel where the chef just happened to be President of some Northern Italian food association, and of all places in Puerto de la Cruz with a chef not Italian who had learnt under an Italian chef.

Tuesday Italian pop up at Union St.

To say the least not good, very disappointed. Did not look appetising, was not appetising.

I like the idea of a pop up kitchen, lets chefs try out what tghey have to offer, opporunity to try new dishes, but to state the blindingly obvious, maynbe a good idea to check the ppople can actually cook, unles sit si also intened as a traing for for cooks.

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