Coffee and conversation at Marmadukes

Sheffield has an excellent coffee scene, one of the best if not the best, Marmalade. Helpful and friendly staff, pleasant ambience, knowledgeable and enthusiasm about coffee and serve excellent coffee.

Dark Woods has something of a local monopoly. Their espresso blends at best average, though their single origins are excellent, a Great Taste award meaningless. Tamper has Ozone and Has Bean. Has Bean always excellent coffee, not so Ozone, mediocre at best.

Maramadukes their stalwart a range of different coffees from Origin for espresso and pour over plus always an interesting guest roaster, today Round Hill Coffee.

I ordered my usualm a capppuccino. By miatake I wa sbrought an espresso. I liked how it wa sprseented, ona tary with a card providing information on the coffee. Tne arrived my cappuccino.

Head basrta asked that I try V60 of tow of their recent ararivals from Origian.

I remebered I had with me, nebans from Brighton Coffee Festival. No idea what. WE used what I had as V60.

We agreed Brighton Coffee Ftesival the way forwead,. locakll coffee fetsivals, though not the extrortionate price of £1000 fora pitch and scarp the Lodona Coffee Festival. But not with time rstications, and not with aweful loud music blasting out. Small land local is managbels for visistirs.

As all the ingredients were vaable, I showed how to make a Yuzu signature drink, unusual and very refreshing on a hot day. It is also visually appealing. I was asked when I took it outside what it was. We lacked Tanzanian and made do with Kenyan coffee. We lacked Tanazian and made do with Kenyan coffee.

— to be continued —

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