Tanzanian Arusha Natural

Three bags of coffee, Brazilian, Indian and Tanzanian from DT Coffee Roastery.

I have tried before an Ethiopian from DT Coffee Roastery, brewed as a V60 at Blackbird. It was good, but a disappointment compared with a Colombian from Coffee Gems we tried the week before which was excellent.

Of the three, which to choose? The aroma was excellent. Not my choice, that of Mike head barista at Stokes at The Lawn.

No contest, he chose the Tanzanian.

I would have brewed as V60, thus surprised when he chose espresso.

Espresso for Mike, cappuccino for me.

I was pleasantly surprised, it made an excellent cappuccino, interesting flavour profile.

Arusha Natural Burka State Tanzania, var Kent, N39, Blue Mountain, alt 1350m, tasting notes stone fruit, red berries, bright citrus, roasted by either UK latte art champion Dhan Tamang or head of coffee Don Altizo.

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3 Responses to “Tanzanian Arusha Natural”

  1. Tony Lea Says:


    I’m just going to start drinking ‘proper’ coffee at home using a recommended caffetterie ( keeping it simple to begin with).

    What would be you recommended for an easily purchased starter coffee blend.


  2. keithpp Says:

    Visit Coffee Gems, a coffee roastery in Farnham. Located on an industrial estate, take first left as go around the one way system that goes past sports centre and Lydl. Open 11-7 Thursday and Friday.

    Visit Krema, coffee shop end off High Stree i n Tunsgate in Guildford, next to Ben’s Records.

    Visit Coffee Lab in centre of Winchester.

    Visit The Winchester Orangery in centre of Winchester.

    Visit Coffee at 33 In North Laine in Brighton, coffee shop and roastery. Located top of Trafalgar Street, go under the station on leaving forecourt.

    Visit Blackbird, South Lnes in the Lanes in Brighton, not far from the seafront.

    Visit Pharmacie in Hove. Not easy to find, long walk along seafront, then head in in land. Though is near Hove Station.

    Visit 101 Coffee Espresso Bar in Jericho in Oxford. Head down Oxford Canal, past a lock, across a foot bridge, zigzag and opposite as hit main road.

    Visit Society Café in Oxford. Located opposite Oxford Union.

    Visit Colombian Coffee Roasters in Oxford Covered Market.

    Caffetterie not reliable, lacks consistency. Try Aeropress.

    Need a good hand grinder. Electric grinders a waste of money.

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