Sheffield Cheese Masters

On my way to The Depot Eatery at Kelham Island I came across a cheese maker, Sheffield Cheese Masters.

I looked in, then headed to The Depot Bakery for late lunch and a coffee, with a promise I would be back.

When I looked in earlier they were preparing experimental blue cheeses. Now gone.

I raise the same issue of cleanliness that I had thought of in The Depot Eatery, how to keep clean in a warehouse? They have built a sealed unit within the warehouse.

The girl I talk to knows little about cheese. She apologises and explains she is new and has only been there a few weeks.

I recommend she reads Reinventing the Wheel, excellent book on all aspects of cheese.

She offers me a sample of their cheese. It reminds me of Cornish Brie. She tells me it is a Camembert style cheese.

Not made from unpasteurised milk. A big mistake if trying to produce quality cheese. But nevertheless an excellent cheese. Would be even better if made from unpasteurised milk.

The cheese has a sticker Gold Winner 2019 Great Yorkshire Show. Of what merit I do not know, but cannot be worse than the meaningless Great Taste Awards.

I ask of of the cows. She does no know, other than the farm local and claims the cows are grass fed.

Sheffield Cheese Masters the only cheese maker in Sheffield.

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