Lincoln Steampunk Festival Asylum X1

The eleventh Lincoln Steampunk Festival, day four of the four day event held over the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

The heatwave continues, another record breaking day with temperatures over 33C.

Walked up the High Street, up The Strait, up Steep Hill through Castle Hill to Bailgate.

Not as many steampunks around as previous two days.

I had been told yesterday by two ladies of a new bar, BeerHeadZ in East Gate. I decided to check it out

Very much like Growlers & Cans, in Guildford, main difference more than twice the size, lacked the selection of cans and bottles, a much larger selection on tap.

The guy behind the bar knowledgeable and helpful. I settled on 1/3 pint of …. I enjoyed it, ordered another 1/3 pint.

I then thought check out the food stalls.

In the car park everything had gone bar the ice cream van with its engine running.

To the schoolyard, little better stalls packing up, no steampunks.

Contrast with two years ago (last year was a washout), excellent street food in the schoolyard.

What has happened, what has gone wrong> This year organised by Lincoln BIG which says it all.

Steampunk must take back control. Locate in the school yard and only invite quality food stalls. And no plastic, compostable containers with segregated waste.

Today a burger off the burger stall, Barbell Burger Co. It was excellent burger, as a burger should be.

The one and only bin today was not overflowing. Maybe already emptied, also far fewer steampunk, last day everything winding down.

Overall, an excellent four day steam punk festival, much enjoyed. Already looking forward to next year.

A few suggestions for next year to make Lincoln Steam Punk Festival even better.

No charge for entry the Castle grounds. It is not acceptable to charge to enter the grounds when usually free.

Improve the live music. Alice’s Night Circus but the exception. invite Jewelia.

Better food, better organised. Need a craft beer stall in the Castle grounds. And please more rubbish bins.

Local businesses on Bailgate and Steep Hill need to get their act together. Open later. Many visitors with money rattling in their pockets being turned away.

— to be continued —

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