Lincoln Steampunk Festival Asylum X1

The eleventh Lincoln Steampunk Festival, day three of the four day event held over the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

A very hot day. 33.3C a record for August Bank Holiday weekend.

A very hot day, nevertheless I thought walk up Steep Hill, but then noticed a bus going past Lincoln Cathedral, or so I thought. Bus did not not. I asked driver. Sunday, three different routes combined. I hopped off the bus, walked through the grounds of Usher Gallery, which brought me part way up Steep Hill.

Two years ago, in the yard of a school, excellent street food. Last year, something of a washout. This year at the school and a car park. I looked yesteard, looked again today. Mainly rubbishm quality ir was nt, A rare exception a stall serving craft veer.

Organised by Lincoln BIG, so no surpise a disater. And no surprise when learn organised by Lincoln BIG not the steampunks. Soonest Lincoln BIG is dissolved the better. Steampunks must take back control.

I would for a starters, craft beers tall, REdhill Fran,==m, Currey Jacks, smoothie stall I found oustdie Central Market.

Low environamanstal standards. Ban palsticc. Stacation Live ban plastic, as do other fesrtivals. And why an ice cream van with engine running. Warnings were isued on poor airquality. Not helped by tghe ice craem van with engine running.

It was therefore eat off REdhill Fram shop. low raodspork was alittke dry to yesterday.

Alice’s … Circus excellent. A pity a short set of only around half an hous. i psoke with Alice later. She said she was doing a longerf set at The Engine Shed.

Alice was the modle Gary Nicholl’s used for the girl in the blue dress fling into the pond. Gary Nicholls designed the album cover for the vinyl edition of her album.

THe beavaiour of photiagapers, working in packs, stick large lessons in the faces of steampunks not acceplale. One aldy got quite upset.

— to be continued —

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