Lincoln Steampunk Festival Asylum X1

The eleventh Lincoln Steampunk Festival, day two of the four day event held over the August Bank Holiday Weekend.

A very hot day, and due to get hotter.

Although a hot day, it was still a pleasant walk up Steep Hill.

Before heading up the High Street, I enjoyed a smoothie off a stall I had never seen before outside Lincoln Central Market.

Looked in Crafty Bottle, a craft beer shop on The Strait. What time did thy close? Five. Madness, thousands of thirsty visitors to the steampunk festival and they close at five.

Stalls in Castle Hill, cheek by jowl, net result, cannot get near the stalls.

Not happy to pay to enter the Castle Grounds for what is normally free. I decided on a season ticket.

Highly recommended the slow roast pork off the Redhill Farm stall. Quality street food.

Why no craft beer stall? I asked of a Lincoln Castle stall. They had, but at ambient temperature. The guy running the stall offered to go down to the cellar and bring up a bottle. When he opened, most of the contents foamed up out of the bottle. Not his fault, I suspect yeast left in the bottle.

He opened a second bottle, same problem but opened a fraction to enable the gas to escape.

Sat outside the Castle Cafe very hot, no umbrellas.

What was appalling was an overflowing bin, the only bin with people coming from all directions in the Castle grounds.

Lack of bins, lack of frequency of emptying bins. And why no segregation of the rubbish? Compostable, recyclable and general waste.

Anyone fancying tea, coffee and cakes. Do not waste half an hour in the queue for disgusting tea and coffee. Take a walk out of the West Gate, cross diagonally to the left to The Lawn, coffee shop and roastery, where will be served far superior tea and coffee by baristas.

The Lawn also had a couple of stalls. I would suggest encourage stall for a nominal fee, and encourage more stalls.

Gary Nichols author of The Imaginarium gave an excellent talk on creativity, An artist who works with camera, not a photographer.

He travelled afar for one coast scene, then photos of different rock formation, different sky, all built into one image.

Another, a girl in a flowing dress, the dress becomes the pool of water.

Colin Edmonds author of Steam Smoke and Mirrors, has a third book out soon.

Two years ago, in the yard of a schools, excellent street food. Last year, something of a washout. This year at the school and a car park, mainly rubbish, And no surprise when learn organised by Lincoln BIG not the steampunks. Soonest Lincoln BIG is dissolved the better.

Many of the steampunks the same question, why is everything in the locality closed?

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