Afternoon in Winchester

This morning heavy rain. A trip to Winchester not an option. It then brightened a little, rain stopped, and off I went to Winchester.

Heavy rain on the way, roads awash with water.

Had I set off early, I would have stopped off at Alresford, arrived Winchester early afternoon.

I decided to stop off anyway, a quick look around, maybe find something to eat.

Alresford has two coffee shops.

Carocoli went bust, was then taken over by whoever runs the coffee shop in the department store in Farnham. It was not good before, can only have got worse.

Coffee #1 is new. I learnt how new, onl ya few weeks old.

It is aching, chain owned by Caffe Nero, and it shows,from the poor service to the bad coffee.

Service was that bad that I missed the bus to Winchester, caught the next bus.

Arrived in Winchester a little after five.

Long chat with cheese guy. I learnt it was he who had told me of Coffee Gems.

Just made The Square before it closed at six.

I could have maybe made the 1820 bus, decided to make the 1920, go for a walk behind the Cathedral and back vin the River Itchen.

Wednesday night bikers night at Alto Station cafe. No one had tuned up, only a single bike parked up outside. More turn up in the depths of winter.

At least it meant there was food left.

— to be continued —-

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