Afternoon in Farnham

Very strong winds, cool compared with of late.

Alight from bus and walk along River Wey and up through Gostrey Meadow.

This used be an enjoyable pleasant walk, but since building of an ugly bridge to facilitate building of an unwanted shopping centre not so, but still better than walking through the narrow streets and enduring traffic fumes.

I looked in Okomoko zero waste shop, almost filled a jar with muesli, then topped off with dried apricots.

Why were the apricots dark brown? I have seen dried apricots like this before, but not in England, in Athens.

Girl said the orange coloured ones were dyed. Seemed odd.

I checked. No, treated with SO2 to retain their orange colour, the dark ones are not and turn a dark colour as dry naturally in the sun.

Gail’s the service has never been great, never see the same staff twice.

Tables covered in dirty dishes. Customers were having to clear.

When my order was brought, a sausage roll, the sausage pink and under-cooked, no attempt to clear my table.

Gail’s is not god for coffee.

As always cars parked outside Gail’s on the double yellow lines.

To Krema for a coffee.

I thought of going for walk around Bishop’s Meadow, dark clouds were not far away. I thought best to go to Waitrose.

Irony is lost on Waitrose. A notice where the shelves stacked with toilet rolls stating Waitrose going plastic free, the toilet rolls warped in plastic.

The usual poor service in Waitrose. Only two tills manned.

No 1 Bus from Aldershot going on a diversion. Nothing at the bus station to inform passengers.

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