Experience Guildford demonstrates how to squander public money

You could not make it up if you tried.

Dump a pile of sand by the side of the River Wey in Guildford, add a few deckchairs and beach huts, and call it a beach.

This is how Experience Guildford, accountable to no one, least of all small independent businesses, squanders public money.

The difference to Brighton, apart from the sea and a pier and Brighton iSore, Brighton has people on the seafront.

There is to be a vote in Lincoln to get rid of Lincoln BIG. The same needs to happen with Experience Guildford, parasitical organisations that serve no useful purpose.

Tusnsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre is always empty. That despite Experience Guildford and Visit Guildford endlessly promoting not only Tunsgate Quarter but also Cosy Club on social media.

Further examples of how pubic money is being squandered.

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