Afternoon in Guildford

Coolish start, turned hot when the sun came out.

Not as many people around as last week, but market busier.

There must be a glut of strawberries. Two boxes of strawberries for a pound.

Harrs + Hoole empty when I passed by.

Coffee stall gone from market. Maybe on holiday, no great loss if gone.

Surrey Hills five people, one staff.

Excellent lunch at Bamboo Shoots.

Possibility of chess unplugged at Bamboo Shoots, maybe charge a small fee with a meal included or a break for a meal and player order from the menu, six boards maximum as six tables. Details yet to be decided.

1/3 pint at Growlers & Cans. Mentioned beer stall in Oxford Covered Market well worth a visit.

Looked in Guildford tourist information office. They used to be helpful, not any more.

They knew nothing of the cycle hire scheme, were not in the least interested in the problems it will cause when rental cycles get dumped around the town causing obstruction.

The website and a downloadable brochure for these bikes sets a new high in corporate PR bullshit.

Visit Guildford funded by public money. Is it being wisely spent when used to promote corporate chains at the expense of local indie businesses? Question how the money is spent and blocked on social media. Accountability of a public body?

Cappuccino in Krema.

On Your and Yours Radio 4 lunchtime an M&S executive explaining why they close stores, Easy, they are losing money. And why is M&S a failing retailer, it provides piss-poor service.

It gave pause for thought what this guy was on when he talked of creating an inspirational retail experience.

No, customers wish to shop with no hassle, be able to walk in, buy what they want, walk out.

Today an illustration of why M&S a failing retailer, only one till manned in the busy food hall.

M&S Guildford Station, hot air blown onto customers as they walk into the store.

Train left on time. Nearly passed out in the heat, air conditioning not functioning, no windows to open. Luckily the train was nearly empty. I hate to think what like if overcrowded. The wifi was not working.

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