Afternoon in Godalming

Pleasant sunny afternoon in Godalming.

Shocked to find the Parish Church locked. This is one of the rare churches one finds always open. Hopefully not a new policy to keep locked.

A board says the churchyard closed. Baffled, as not closed, can still walk through. I think what they mean is closed for burials, though it does not say so.

If managed as a hay meadow, poorly managed as the has should have by now been cut.

A slight detour to Cafe Mila. I used to be a regular. A little expensive but ok if quality to match. Last year the quality had fallen.

Looking in today busy but very little choice, not the wide range of cakes, what used to be a board with the menu has gone, a sheet of paper hanging from the wall. Bean soup and stuffed tomato. Bean soup is a winter soup. Insult to their customers Cupsith coffee, and the Cupsmith tea no better.

I returned to walking along the River Wey.

I was headed to Roost a coffee shop cum cafe, which was new last year and I first noticed when I visited for the Street food festival (which was not worth visiting).

Roost is nicely laid at inside, a rustic appearance, the street frontage belies the interior, which is much larger than would expect, with garden beyond.

I chose to sit in the garden as too hot indoors, but a tad too cool in the garden. Though if the sun was shining the garden would be too hot as lacks shade.

Food once ordered, a long time coming. Quality though of the soup, tomato and red pepper and what followed, avocado on lightly toasted bread, good, nicley presented too.

I asked when closed. Four. I had an hour to have a quick wander and get back for a coffee. Four seems a little sarky to close, bu this is Godalming.

Headed to the basket shop, a friend hailed me. She was surprised to see me, what are you doing here, and not sure of she believed me when I said |I was heading too the basket shop.

We both agreed the bookshop was well worth a visit.

I was then headed for Robert Dyas. I had power banks. They worked a power banks but the light did not work. I wished to see if I could change. Change I did, but same problem, lamp did not work. Man pressed and held, lamp turned on. Odd, my other, double click and the lamp turns on.

Just what I want, said my friend, and she bought the one the man had brought out from the back.

It was then back to Roost where we had a coffee. We both agreed the coffee was not good. Better than anything will find in Godalming, at least drinkable, bu that is the best that can be said of it.

I saw a bus, hopped on to save walking to the station, then caught a train at Guildford.

Why oh why do people put their feet on seats.

Today, first time for weeks, trains on time, no delays, no cancellations.


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