I decide to walk down to the seafront and look in the new Pelicano.

I learn it only opened three weeks ago. I also learn they have another coffee shop along London Road.

Note: Pelicano got spell checked to Piano.

Modern frontage, large plate glass windows, seats outside, though I am not sure I would wish to sit outside breathing in the traffic pollution, V60 on display in the window, by contrast the interior is very stark and minimalist, almost like an industrial warehouse, out the back a yard, equally stark.

Last couple of visits I have looked in Pelicans North Laine, asked of Dift, which was on sale last year. No one knows what I am talking about. I find both Drift and Standart on the shelves together with coffee.

Selection of cakes is very poor compared with North Laine. Pelicano North Laine is one of the best places in Brighton for cakes, the other is Grocer & Grain.

I order a cappuccino.

Location poor, polluted road, people are headed somewhere, either down to the seafront or up to the station.

I prefer Pelican North Laine, opening later than most coffee shops and often my last port of call before heading to the station.

— to be continued —

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