Afternoon in Brighton

Warm walking to station, at Gatwick cloudy and cool, at Brighton the sun came out, hot in the sun.

For some odd reason the train I missed last week, 1140 Gatwick to Brighton re-timed to 1142.

Train standing room only.

I travel all the way to Brighton and out with no ticket. No one sells me a ticket.

I fancied a coffee at Coffee at 33, I could then have dropped of Society Cafe at Magazine Brighton, but today I decided to walk straight down to the seafront, but pop in the new Pelicano on the way.

I was surprised to learn how new, only opened three weeks ago.

Exterior modern plate window, interior very stark.

Location poor, polluted road, people are headed somewhere, either down to the seafront or up to the station.

Very large number of homeless at the soup kitvhen. May times what I hve seen in the past.

Surised to find not only food for the stteet dogsm but street vets examining the dogs.

I queried the number of pople.Sharp rsie in the number of homeless, local council doing nothing tohelp.

On down to the seafront.

A large group of Indians from Goa with a large cooking pot, were dishing out chicken and rice. A girl offered me some. Tghey said I owuld probabbly find it too spicy. The rice nom but the chicke yes. I fed the sea giulls.

The seafront shoudl be pledsant, fresh air, instrad stench of fish n chip shops and tack bars blasting out moronic music. The local council needs to clean up thsi are as not plesant.

Headed back inland.

Looked in Blackbird on the way. Lucky I did as they told nme they were clsing earlt today at four.

This gave me time to visit Infinity Food Kitchen and return.

On my way to Infinity Food Kitchen I asked a council jobwort why the they were not enforving the pedetainsied strets. He assured me this would be acted upon.

Dadly no time to visit Magzine Brighton.

Excellnt cappuccino.

I hadf brough along a Columbian coffee taght I had been given bu Coffee Gems. I had been carrying it around since I was given it at Coffee Genms on Thursday, only roasted taht afternoon.

WE both agreed it was excellent a sV60.

I had now found Lost in the Lanes. I had been warned it was not good, but when I saw Has Bean coffee I diced to have a cappuccino.

No, it was not god, a cafe serving cooffee. Not doing Has Bean any favours. I waa firest give a cappuccino with chocalste. I sent it back. Why doeno oen lnowp hwo to make a cappuccino? They said their boss had tod tehnm to make it taht way. I saod tell your boss he does not know how to make coffee.

The Brighton & Hove Indeopendent Coffee Guode needs to set the var higher. They are including far to many so-called coffee shops which are cafes serving coffee. Neverf midn the quality feel the width.

Passing by a pazza palce, three different pople tried to drag nme in, including one who gave me a voucher for a fiver off.

If thsi departe, a palce to be avoided.

Whilst we were talking idiot on a scooter drover through the pedsiatines street, narrowly missing us, weeaving in a d out pople. Did the same a few munutes alter. I forced him to stop, told him it was apestsrinsed street. Epsone agression and abuse as he drove off.

The council must enforce as a danger to pedestraines. A small child si ging to be knocked over.

A walk along the sea front almosa s far as the Brighton iSore.

I foudn ….

I am no graet fan of The Flwoer Pot in North Lainem the cakes are not as good as they alook. But, in terms of whay is found on the seafront thsiia is a vast improveemnt in quality.

It was then head back along the seafront, and up to the station.

I looked in Marwood. Rough.

Walking through Duke Street, retail desolation, sea of To Let boards and empty shops, including where last week stood Vinyl Revolution.

I make station in time for 1927 Southern Fail Brighton to London Victoria only vcannot get through bzrries as no ticcket. Machne does not a[[ear to work, haev to go to the ticket office. Why are theh rail comanies so determined to maek it nigh impossible to travel by train?

GWR Gatwick to Readingm no power to the usb chaging sockets.

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