Afternoon in Farnham

A warmish afternoon in Farnham.

Alighting from the bus and walking along the River Wey I could hear music, but it was not coming from Gostrey Meadow.

I headed down a side street to the William Cobbett.

Several years ago I found a music festival in the back yard of the pub. A hog roast and excellent music. Never to be repeated, pub changed hands and has probably has several times since.

I slipped though a fence into the back of the pub. An impromptu stage, dreadful singer playing a guitar, no hog roast, burgers and hot dogs.

I slipped into the pub, could not see a thing, dark and gloomy. When my eyes adjusted, the same crap beer as in every pub across the country, even on the hand pumps, though I did find one lone brewery on a hand pump, it was ok, but not in the same league craft beers in Growlers & Cans, the usual bores blocking access to the bar, an old pub ruined by a massive widescreen TV on one wall. Easy to see why pubs are closing.

I took my half pint, sat outside for a while, but could not stand the noise from the singer.

Made the butcher as about to close. An idiot in an expensive Porsche, parked on double yellow lines, engine running, whilst did a soot of shopping.

Cappuccino at Krema.

A walk around Manor Field and a small section of Bishop’s Meadow

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2 Responses to “Afternoon in Farnham”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Reckon the Porsche driver was getting his fish supper. Typical arrogance of expensive car owners no doubt having the view that if I do get caught I can well afford the fine.

  2. keithpp Says:

    No fish supper, not open in the afternoon.

    Would not recommend, poor quality fish n chips, service terrible, owner a nasty piece of work.

    Unfortunately prats regularly park their expansive cars in Downing Street and in The Borough on double yellow lines, often on the foot[path.

    No Enforcement. Council jobsworths (it may be contracted out) only enforce car parks, easy pickings.

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