Afternoon in Guildford

A change in weather, cool and rain all day.

Train on time, ticket office open. But Gatwick train always packed on a Friday. At least I used to think on a Friday, people going away for a weekend break, but seems to be packed everyday.

A world record for Surrey Hills Coffee, seven customers. Seven! I doubt will see beaten in a long time.

Excellent lunch at Bamboo Shoots.

Excellent 1/3 pint at Growlers & Cans. Each week a different collection of craft beer on tap. Not open until four on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Open at midday on Friday. Closed at ten. Closed on Monday.

Was in two minds, Growlers & Cans midway between Canopy or Krema. I derided on Krema.

Young guy I had not seen before. But I should not have to dictate no chocolate in cappuccino. But otherwise excellent cappuccino.

Raining all day. It had stopped, but as I leave Krema stared rain. I cut through Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre, as always deserted, apart from a few people with same idea as myself, cut through because raining.

Sterile shopping centre not helped by loud music blasting out.

A Nespressso coffee shop. Why would anyone go into a coffee shop fora Nespresso? Maybe they do not, as empty. Maybe they give away free samples? Maybe one day I will ask. But I would not want even if free.

Redber have pulled out. Crap coffee so no great loss. But why a shop and stick a stall outside?

I decried to look in an upmarket optician. Curious how they survive. Pig-ignorant staff, ignored as chatting on mobile phone. I walk out. Contrast with Specsavers, where always politely greet as walk in.

More and more shops are now failing in Guildford. That is the High Street. Top of High Street, side streets and North Street far worse. Top of High Street is starting to look like Aldershot. OK, nothing can look like Aldershot.

Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping shopping centre with boarded-up shops and zero footfall can only go downhill. With growing number of empty shops in prime location in High Street and pressure on greedy landlords to drops rents, Tunsgate Zombie shopping centre is going to decline even faster as retailers will pull out and no one will be foolish enough to move in, as even with free rent would still be losing money.

Plastic Free July, plastic obscenity that is M&S gets worse. Shrink-wrapped coconuts, bananas rotting in plastic bags, and just when think cannot get worse, they are giving away plastic copies of their produce. Quite why anyone would wish for plastic replicas of M%S goods is beyond me. More totally unnecessary plastic waste. Another massive retail fail by a failing retailer.

Pop in Harris + Hoole with a friend. Only place open after six. Not been in for at least a year, not since acquired by Caffe Nero. It has got far far worse. I asked for a pour over. Surprised to find on offer, V60. I wish I had not. Beans at least a month old, barista is forced to use a pouring jug, no swan-necked kettle. Penny pinching cost cutting tax-dodging profiteering Caffe Nero refuse to supply the correct gear. It goes without saying the V60 was not good. I should have had a cappuccino.

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