Afternoon in Farnham

Morning cool, afternoon hot, evening cool. Strange weather.

Alighted from the bus before Farnham, visited Bells Place Fete.

A mistake. It was not very good last year, nor this year.

Then walked through Farnham Park. Climbed to the top of the ridge, walked along, then down into the centre of Farnham through Castle Street.

Dropped in The Nelson Arms and had a half.

Once again reminded why I do not frequent pubs. Idiots blocking access to the bar, idiots stood between door and the bar. Entire pub to occupy, which was other wise empty, but they block access to the bar.

My beer was not that great either.

Once again, far better craft beer available in coffee shops and in Growlwrs & Cans, and do not have idiots blocking access to the counter.

I then visited Krema. Not seen owner for several months. We were chatting but if someone came in to order a coffee, I moved out of the way, I did not block their access.

I suggested what several coffee shops offer, a rotating selection of guest coffee, and gave a few suggestions.

Earlier I had popped in the vegan restaurant cum zero waste shop, obtained muesli and apricots.

Walked through the churchyard but too lazy to walk around Bishop’s Meadow.

To Waitrose. Appalled to see Cupsmith tea on the shelves in Waitrose. Massive fail by their buyers. Cupsmith coffee is crap, their tea little better.

Once again Lion and Lamb Cafe and Restaurant closed. It appears to have closed down as each time I pass by it is closed. I did though notice that the dirty cups I saw last time I passed by and looked in the window had been removed. Power to the espresso machine still on.

No surprise if it has closed. It was always empty, and although the menu always looked enticing, the couple of times I have eaten there the food was not good.

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