Monday afternoon in Farnham

I do not think I have visited Farnham on a Monday afternoon before. Everywhere was clsoed.

I stpped off firts at Queen Hotel in Aldershot.

Burger and chips reasonable, at least the burger reasonable, th chips as always disgusting. The burger was not dried up and burnt on the outside as what I had at Tilly Shilling in Farnborough tow weeks before. The difference it did not come too soon, at Tilly Shilling I supected it had been sitting there.

I would hav eeaten at the Inonesian street food restaurant but I do not think open on a Monday,a ndwlaking by the end of the street \i dod not see tables and chairs outside.

In Downing Street, Baista Lounge, butcher, vegana restaurant all closed.

Krema was open. I had a cold brew coffee. I was suprised it was made with espresso blend not a single origin. Enjotable nevertheless.

Saturday, I walked all the way around Bishop’s Meadow. Not today.

Cook I was surprised to see had sea bream. I decided to try. But why stuffed, it is a dlecate flaour fish?

Waling through Lion & Lamb Courtyard, I noticed Liion & Lamb Resturabnt and Cafe closed. monday, or has it closed doewn? It has been closed the last few times I have passed by.

If it has clsoed I would not be surpised. It was always empty. The menu alwasy engticing but if tried the food was neber good.

A lady and myslef peered in the the window. We were disgusted tio see dirty coffee cuos lned uop. Sureley was at the end of the day?

WE thne walked to Waitriose, had very long converstaion about Greece, Yanis Varoufakis, Paulo Coleho, coffee.

She recomneded Coffe Gems on an indsutrailk estae in Franham. Soemone else had mentioned to me.

I hgave her a list of coffee shops tp try.

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