Guildford farmers market

A warm sunny day, that turned very warm during the afternoon.

A loaf of bread and cake off one stall.

Riverford are working with Exeter University and hope to be plastic free by 2020.

Apple stall had raspberries in card boxes and hope to move their strawberries to similar boxes.

The farmers market was supposed to be plastic free this year. Why is it not?

I prefer to see strong paper bags to carry produce. Plastic bags I do not have too much of a problem with if people use and reuse, and as I do put out rubbish in. Though even these can be compostable as used by Infinity Foods. It is packaging for produce that is the problem, especially the obscene us of plastic and over packaging.

We though seem to be going backwards. What is claimed to be quality chocolate the bars wrapped in plastic.

The worst by far the turkey sausage stall. Their sausages in polystyrene boxes, shrink-wrapped with plastic.

But it gets worse, far worse, sausages taken out of the polystyrene boxes, cooked in a pan, put back in the boxes and offered to customers. Flies crawling over the cooked sausages.

The turkey sausages sitting on the stall on a very warm afternoon.

When the stall arrived, according to someone who was there at the time, an appalling stench from their van when they offloaded.

Why is this stall on the market? Where are Environmental Health?

Food and hot weather do not mix. Environmental Health should be patrolling the market. According to one witness they were seen first thing in the morning. First thing in the morning when it is cool. They should be there in the afternoon when it is very warm.

It is not though only Guildford. Every council market I have visited has had abysmal environmental standards.

A zero waste stall has appeared. Most of what was on their stall of no interest. Mainly of interest that people can bring their own bottle and refill with shampoo, washing up liquid.

Try Okomo zero waste in Downing Street in Farnham.

Cupsmith back with their low quality coffee. Coffee beans in open hessian sacks, bags of beans in the sun.

Coffee to avoid.

If wish to buy coffee, try Krema end of Tunsgate where they have coffee on sale from Horsham Coffee Roasters, a reputable roastery. Canopy opposite Waitrose have guest coffee, though last time I looked not on sale.

A pity Fire Chimney Coffee do not have a stall.

Three bottles of craft beer off a stall not seen before, Binary Botanical craft beer. One chilled to consume with lunch at Bamboo Shoots.

Unusual, brewed with hop leaves, not with hop flowers. At least that was what I was told. Their websites says brewed with hop flowers infused with hop leaves.

Dumb to proclaim beer for wine drinkers. Beer should stand on its own merits.

Craft beer sells on taste and word of mouth, not on bullshit marketing.

Binary Botanical superior table beer is unlike any beer you have tasted before. Its tropical aroma, prosecco-like taste, and clean finish come from the infusion with organic hop leaves and choice of wine yeast. It is a flavourful beer brewed to be enjoyed with food.

The name “binary” not only refers to the stem of the hop plant, but also two-digit number system underpinning our technological progress; the stem of the hop plant; and the black and white perspective we take on brewing standards and quality. It conveys the sense of useful science that we rely on to make sure that our beers taste great consistently, travels well and are better for you than alternatives.

And there was worse. Whoever wrote this bullshit no understanding of either beer or wine. No surprise Growlers & Cans declined to stock. Had I seen this bullshit first and not come across on a market stall, I would never have tried. Not doing the beer any favours.

It resembles sparkling elderflower wine, very light. Ideal chilled, sitting under the shade of trees in the garden on a hot sunny day.

Popped around to Growlers & Cans. Had 1/3 pint of the same beer I had last week.

Would have had a coffee at Krema but very warm, decided to call it a day and go home.

But first looked in cheesemonger end of Chapel Street and recommended they stocked Binary Botanical craft beer.

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