Brighton last day of June

Waht a difference a day makes.

Yesterday 34C, sat under the trees in the garden. This morning before nine cool.

The sun came out and it was warm. I wondered why I was dragging a warm coat around all day.

GWR need to get their act together on their Reading-Guildford-Gatwick trains. No wifi, now power usb charging points. This is becoming the norm.

Although train to Gatwick was running late, I managed to catch a Thameslink train to Brighton, which meant I arrived 15 minutes earlier. Standing room only. Luckily I found a seat.

I though the Passenger Lounge had usb charging. Maybe mistaken as I did not see. Plenty of 13A sockets, if carry a charger.

They used to have water. Not today. All the more surprising when there is movement for everywhere to have water. FCB are losing the plot.

I sometimes have a coffee off the Small Batch kiosk. Not today.

I decided not to walk straight to the seafront, maybe stop off at Coffee at 33, maybe find Gazed or Glazed, look in Hisbem, have lunch at Iydea.

Blend and Brew used to have a tiny little coffee shop on a corner, more a counter than a coffee shop. Only once ever found open as not open on a Sunday, at I guess their clientele is commuters.

When I did find open, they were opening a coffee shop opposite. Coffee shop now open.

I was not going to have a coffee as their coffee crap, but thought ok I would.

Its is still crap, over-roasted cheap crap Italian coffee.

A pity as they have done an excellent job on the coffee shop and the food and cakes looked good.

The coffee shop was empty. Maybe because Sunday they useed to be closed or maybe because their coffee is crap and far better cofffee at Coffee 33 further down the street.

I looked in Coffee at 33. It too was empty. Maybe treturn later.

Looked in Magazine Brighton. No Drift, no Ambrisoa, once again problems with distribution. In the apsy ame probelm with Standart.

I looked in Pelicano. No Drift, clueless staff did not even know what i was asking for, even though they stocked last year.

Feeling hungry.

I do not know what is going wrong at Iydea. I have eaten there since tehy opened over tens years ago, something I have alsowasy looked forwrd to ona trip to Brightom. Not last yaers, each tiem I visited, I regretted my choice.

Today, outside seating empty. I am usually luicky to get a seat. Inside empty. Not tghat I enjoy inside as loud mornisc music btaslting out.

I decided to try Infinity Foods Kitchen, looking in Infinity Foods on the way.

Excelelnt lunch at Infinity Foods Kitchen.

I mentioned to the guy serving Ydiae gone diwnhill. He said many customers have said the same.

A pity though only bvegan, a pity not vegeration as wider choice,. But ist put to same the disgusting vegan sausage I had off Wincesher Ssreet market last week.

I headed to Magazine Bfrighton to pick up a copy of Cerals. Very annpyed to fidn had clsoed early.

I had a choice, Coffee at 33 or head to Gazed o Glazed. Annoyed to fidn not open. No indication of opening times.

Looked inHisbe. BVegaranlens in poor condition, tomates looled good. Picked up one Maramande tomatoe.

I had looked in Doug Love earlier. I had noticed on a previosu visit, but what I had not noticed, coffee from Taly;r Street. Some time ago I had been advised by Andre Tolley of a coffee shop in Brighton serving their coffee.

My cappuccino excelent. I also had a cake. Sufficent for tpw. They kindly puy in a box for ,em.

Too late for Pelicano.

I sat outsde to checj train times. I coudl go and cahtch a train, and that had been my original intention, a coffee thencatcha train.

But I had not yet visited tghe seafront.

A walk downto he seafron, along the pier, tehn walk back to the sataion.

A deliveroos serf ina gasr food jint with helmet on, open box outsde. Dirt, microbes, funagal spored scoudl blwo in, ideal breeding ground warm amd damp, epsecailly asi I noted isnisde disacrded food wrappers.

Made train witha few minsutes to spare.

On my trip to Brighton last week, dsichgared two power banks, though neither was full charged. Same again today, wone was almost fully charged, the other a new power bank, and rtaher than do as \I did last week charge on my journety (not that I could as no usb power), decided to use the residual charge, then chatge.

Gatwick-Guildford-Reading train usb power. Partially charged phone and power bank.

Alighting from train sometime after ten, glad I dragged my copat aroudn all day. It wa scold.

Walking home, I felt tired and skighly faint. Vegan lunch, low nuytrianal desnity.

Key in the door,s tumbed through the door, a short rest, then a nice hot nbath.

— to be continued —

One Response to “Brighton last day of June”

  1. harry parkins Says:

    Pleased you had a good day in Brighton


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