Afternoon in Guildford

Last night cold. This morning coolish. In Guildford hot, very hot.

France today hit a record temperature of 45.9C. Across Spain wildfires raging out of control.

Today trains at Guildford Station. Normal one may think, it is a busy station. True, but these are not normal times. Last week in Guildford on the longest day there were no trains, SWR were on strike.

Where once there was a chalkboard, FCB kiosk now a garish sign. A sign of the times, where once guest coffee, now their own coffee.

After a visit to the market, lunch at Bamboo Shoots.

Before lunch looked in Surrey Hills Coffee, four customers, one more than last week.

Last week no French cheese stall on the market. Back this week.

Popped in Growlers & Cans. A rough bar, through not really even a bar. High quality craft beer, far better than would find in any local pub, currently limited selection.

Strange set up. Buy a bottle of beer, then pay a pound to drink it. I’d rather take it to the park.

Beer on tap, 2/3 or a pint. I asked did they do a 1/3? I had a 1/3 of an excellence beer. At £2 for 1/3 that would make it £6 a pint, though cheaper if bought a pint.

Crap coffee from Redber.

Looked in Krema but did not stop.

Walking through Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre. Redber have already pulled out.

It will be how long before other retailers start pulling out.

Called it a day, too hot, caught a train to sir in the garden under a tree.


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