Growlers & Cans

Popped in Growlers & Cans.

A rough bar, through not really even a bar, more of a shop where can also have a beer.

High quality craft beer, far better than would find in any local pub, though currently limited selection.

Strange set up. Buy a bottle of beer, then pay a pound to drink it. I’d rather take it to the park.

Beer on tap, 2/3 or a pint. I asked did they do a 1/3? I had a 1/3 of an excellence beer. At £2 for 1/3 that would make it £6 a pint, though cheaper if bought a pint.

Crap coffee from Redber. I advised ditch it and buy better quality coffee, but would also need to employ a top quality barista.

Never buy cheap low quality coffee, it is false economy. Spoilt for choice for quality coffee roasters. Try River Coffee Roasters or Chimney Fire Coffee.

These days it is coffee shops where find quality craft beer not pubs. It would be an interesting combination craft beer and speciality coffee, add food too.

Later I walked through the Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre to find Redber had pulled out.

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3 Responses to “Growlers & Cans”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    £6 a pint, extortionate. £2.50 for a pint of proper cask beer in the Rodboro Buildingd down the road. Similar ambiance I would suggest.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Not comparing like with like, high quality craft beer with a poor selection of average cask in Wethersppoon.

    Will usually find on hand pump only two or three from small brewery the rest of the hand pumps will be from corporate brewers. Never find the same beer twice.

    This is due to how it is bought. It is close to its best by date, Wetherspoon pays a pittance, otherwise pour down the drain. Average pub would not get through the cask. Or if a pubco pub not even able to buy.

    Though I note in an interviews with FT (republished in Wetherspoon News summer 2019) Tim Martin denies this. he claims it is their buying power. Or in other words Tesco model, screw the supplier.

    Food in Wetherspoon Guildford poor quality, always has been.

    In other Wetherspoon pubs food is also low quality.

    Cost cutting to keep price low, profits high.

    In Tilly Shilling, dried up burger black on top. Used to be reasonable. I thought Honest Burger was bad, but this made Honest Burger look like haute cuisine I suspect had been cooked and sitting as came to quick. Tim Martin at fault, food has to be delivered within 10 minutes of order placed. .

    Wetherspoon recently caught buying very poor quality meats. Jaime Oliver from the same source. What to expect when buy meat in bulk from a dubious meat supplier?

    Order a sirloin steak on Tuesday includes a free drink around seven or eight pounds. The figures do not stack up.

    Last year I had t-bone steal, around 20 maybe 30 euros. Middle of June I was tempted by t-bone steak, 18-50 euros.

    • Tony Lea Says:

      Craft beer my bottom. It’s all a gimmick that even you appear to have bought into. An extra £2 onto a pint.
      England is the home of the greatest beer style in the world CASK.
      Even if I agree with your Wetherspoon sentiments decent cask ale in a good pub will be around £2 cheaper a pint.

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