Afternoon in Winchester

Morning coolish, sky milky white, but later sun broke through and turned very warm.

Passing through Alton, a circus with big top, though the big top looked quite small.

I was surprised to see rail bridge had gone. I think it was a brick bridge.

Bus to Winchester took a detour, direct onto the A31. This ought to be the normal route.

Same at Alresford, straight to Winchester not around the houses.

Alighted off the bus and walked down Magdalen Hill into Winchester. Always a pleasant walk.

The street food market gets smaller and worse each time I visit. The stalls are peddling crap.

The only stalls worth knowing about, cheese stall which is exceptional, French stall which is only once a month, and the bread stall which is ok.

I was too late to eat anything at City Square and so back to the market.

Signs of desperation vegan hot dog off The Vegan Hot Dog Man. To say it was disgusting would be an understatement. It was unbelievably disgusting. I hate to think what processed crap went into the vegan hot dog.

I asked the guy why serve vegan hot dogs? That’s what people expect on a market. Not true, a good street food market has excellent food. Why not have quality vegetarian food, not fake meat? If this was meant to showcase vegan food then an abysmal failure.

The guy with the horsebox and wood-fired pizzas has gone.

I though of going the Flat Whites.

No longer there, I learnt from the cheese stall.

Depressing news, it has gone, driven out of businesses by landlord. Another excellent local business destroyed by a greedy grasping landlord.

He suggested I try The Winchester Orangery and let him know what I thought of their coffee.

I found The Winchester Orangery, coffee roasted by River Coffee Roaster, a local roastery I had not heard of.

My cappuccino was excellent.

I quick look in Coffee Lab Academy. Dhan Tamang now roasts the coffee, coffee roastery which includes coffee shop and training school branded as DT. I have yet to try the coffee, too late for a coffee at City Square as now closes at six.

I will try next time, visit Dan at his roastery.

As a pleasant evening, walk along the river and around Winchester Cathedral.

Too late to  eat at Alton Station Cafe, all the food gone.

— to be continued —

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