Society Café revisited


A little further down St Michael’s Street from The Handle Bar, opposite Oxford Union, Society Café.

I looked in Society Café a few days ago, but no coffee as do not take cash. Today I tried credit card, but did not work. A friend tried her Chinese card, surprisingly it worked. I think because of one of the card readers which bypasses the banks. I am still though not happy their refusal to accept cash and they need to think again. Use of cards profits the banks and tracks people.

From Society newspaper

A place for everyone

Not exclusive
All welcome
Cant’t wait to meet you

But not if wish to use cash or for what ever reason lack the credit rating  to obtain a card.

I had a cappuccino which was excellent.

Espresso from Origin, guest coffee for V60 from Round Hill Roastery.

Staff very professional.

Picked up Society and down the cellar found an earlier issue. It started as newspaper, now a magazine. Next edition due soon.

They also had latest edition of Standart. My friend paid with her Chinese credit card and I gave her the cash.

Note: On a later visit I am pleased to report now accepting cash.

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