Afternoon in Guildford on Longest Day

Today the longest day.

Not a single train at Guildford Station. I came through on one of the few trains ruining, GWR Reading-Guildford-Gatwick. SWR RMT train strike. If SWR claim trains are running they are a bunch of lairs. A week long  train strike. The only people it is hurting are the long suffering passengers who pay obscene rail fares for piss-poor service even when trains are running.

Cappuccino off FCB kiosk. They used to have guest coffee from different roastery with their own house espresso blend from Horsham Coffee. Now roast their own. Last week I tried their espresso house blend, three attempts, each one slight improvement but not great. Today different barista with their guest roast, ok, but again not great.

Coffee cup and lid claimed to be compostable. But begs the question what to do with cup and lid, where to compost?

I saved to drop in with groceries off the market, to then drop on the compost heap in my garden.

Six months ago, market seemed on the point of collapse, fewer and fewer stalls. Last week I noticed new stalls, including a French cheese stall. Excellent Comte. Sadly not there today.

Last week, Surrey Hills Coffee busy mid-afternoon. An anomaly as never seen busy before. Today at lunchtime empty, ok, three customers, two staff, neither of which seen before apart from the guy who I saw last week.

I looked in. Instead of coffee in bags, coffee in plastic boxes, which they then weigh and bag. They also ship coffee beans in plastic to customers, then refill the empty boxes. Not sure if good idea or not. I can see cons and pros.

I wish people in coffee shops would not bullshit me on coffee. Guy tried to tell me coffee beans in open boxes do not oxidise.

Excellent as always honey crunch chicken at Bamboo Shoots.

Last week and this week, the number of shops and other businesses that have closed, Jamie’s Italian, Caracoli, Steamer Trading, Debenhams to close soon.

The closure of Caracoli appears to have taken Steamer Trading with it, loss of income from floor sub-let to Caracoli.

Looked in Tunsgate Quarter zombie shopping centre. Boarded-up shops, devoid of people. Its only use, a short cut High Street to Castle Street when raining, no other use, The only change, loud unpleasant music.

Redber purveyors of crap coffee have opened a coffee shop. Weird set up, in front of a shop unit not within, a coffee roastery and yet no coffee beans on sale. The girl, I hesitate to say working was too busy chatting to a female security guard to speak with a customer. And why even bother opening when Krema outside in Tunsgate?

Tunsgate Quarter in many ways indicative of Guildford now seeing a collapse of retail presided over by Experience Guildford a parasitical organisation on all local businesses.

V60 at Krema.

Guildford Station no trains, other than GWR Gatwick-Guildford-Reading.

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