Afternoon in Reading

As train approaches Reading Station, a massive tower block under construction.

If future post-Brexit so bleak, why are we seeing speculative development everywhere?

CUP opposite Reading Town Hall, not somewhere I would have coffee, though convenient for Reading Station and vastly superior to the tax-dodging corporate chains serving undrinkable coffee.

Sorry to find Mum Mum a little Vietnamese restaurant had closed. Not great but one of the few places worth eating in Reading.

Not seen before, Honest Burgers. Trying too hard to be trendy, loud moronic music blasting out. Obviously not aware of the trend to quieter restaurants. Overpriced expensive burger disgusting, served with dried up salty chips that had overpowering stench of rosemary. No surprise empty.

Cappuccino in Workhouse Coffee. I knew their coffee was bad, but not this bad, cappuccino with half a centimetre of froth and foam, too hot, looked disgusting, tasted disgusting. I left after a couple of sips, undrinkable.

The beans on sale in open plastic boxes, one box of beans over-roasted, black and oily.

The last time I was in Reading, a little before Christmas, cold, Christmas tat on the street.

Today pleasant and warm and sunny. I was surprised the number of people in Broad Street, not so much walking around as sitting and relaxing.

In light of new rip-off pricing from crooked Three network, picked up a Lebara sim from one of the mobile phone shops.

A couple of girls at a bus stop told me of a coffee shop to find. Nibs or Nipsy. I walked all the way around the block to eventually find Nisby’s. More of a tea and cake shop than a coffee shop. Coffee from Winchester Coffee Roasters, poor quality coffee roasters, not worth stopping for.

Broad Street Bar and Kitchen closed. And no, I am not surprised.

Looked in Anonymous Coffee, owner not there, not worth stopping.

Cappuccino at CUP Reading Mister, followed by V60 and a cake.

I was surprised how busy. Busy outside and inside.

A pity smoking outside, as not pleasant either the smoke or the cigarette ends on the ground.

1704 train from Reading. Packed, but later train would have been far worse if I had caught the following train.

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