Cappuccino and pour over guest coffee at Café Amárena

Café Amárena located in the centre of Protaras, one of only two coffee shops in Protaras serving specialty coffee, the other Miyu Coffee overlooking Fig Tree Bay.

Very rare examples of quality coffee in Cyprus.

First a cappuccino using Café Amárena house blend.

We then tried a Colombian guest coffee from Cartwheel Coffee using three different pour over methods, Clever Dripper, Chemex and V60.

I have never liked Clever Dripper, it always appears as a cheap nasty copy of V60. But I have to admit, proof of the pudding, does it brew a good coffee? The answer, no. That brewed with the Clever Dripper did not do justice to the Colombian coffee.

It was then the Chemex v V60.

Initially I preferred the V60, but as the coffee cooled, my preference switched to the Chemex.

Many thanks to head barista Antonis Voukkalis.

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4 Responses to “Cappuccino and pour over guest coffee at Café Amárena”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Strange for good coffee why is the place empty?.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Why empty, good question, the simple answer is I do not know. I will therefore speculate.

    Cyprus lacks a coffee culture. It is where England was a decade ago.

    Every chain you have heard of, Starbucks, Costa, Caffe Nero, and
    those you have not heard of, Coffee Island, Coffee Berry, Mikel, all serving undrinkable coffee.

    Indie coffee shops no better, Illy, lavazza,:Doug Egberts, all serving undrinkable coffee.

    Middle East, clear blue sky, 29C, mad dogs and Englishmen, no one on the street during the day.

    Starbucks further down the street empty. Bored staff.

    Café Amárena opened last year. It was a disaster, guy from the hotel bar making the coffee. My advice, employ skilled barista from England or Athens was ignored. I am surprised has reopened, but this year, a skilled barista employed as head barista.

    A steady stream of customers, but not busy.

    But neither is anywhere else, At night, bars and restaurants are empty, a sign of failing tourist industry, now in its final death throes, beach empty, hotels not even half full.

  3. Tony Lea Says:

    All sounds rather sad for the tourist. There is nothing worse than a bar and I suspect café with no atmosphere because no ones there. All in package holidays have a lot to answer for.

  4. keithpp Says:

    Tourist companies like tui rape and pillage and that is before we mention climate change.

    The bars deserve to die, a bulldozer would be the answer.

    An example of the damage all-inclusive, last night in a fish restaurant overlooking the sea. Half a dozen tables if that. Talking to the staff the new norm weekdays.

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