Third Place

Third Place not very easy to find.

I tried a couple of days ago. By the time I finally found, too late for a coffee.

Pleasant decor, magazines dotted around, V60, Chemex, a choice of brew methods.

I suggested a few quality magazines they may wish to add

  • Standart
  • Drift
  • Ambrosia
  • Om Nom

The coffee on sale, I had never heard of.

I tried again today. Again difficulty in finding. Therefore no surprise empty.

I ordered a cappuccino. What size did I want? Always a bad sign when asked what size, as only one size.

Watching the preparation, I was baffled seeing the tamper rocked from side to side. Er no, weigh, level, then apply correct pressure.

My cappuccino was not great. Better than somewhere like Coffee Island but not on a par with the best coffee shops in Athens.

Not easy to find, coffee not great, I can not see remaining long in business.

By all means dot magazines around, create a pleasant environment, but if do not get the basics right, serve great coffee, will not remain long in business.

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