The Barn Potsdamer Platz

The Barn have two other coffee shops, one also a coffee roastery.

Potsdamer Platz is the third coffee shop for The Barn, opened a few months ago, a little before Christmas last year.

Housed in an iconic building, Haus Huth, the only pre-war building remaining in Potsdamer Platz

Haus Huth, built in 1912, was a post-war symbol for the destruction and division of the city. For decades, The Huth restaurant was the meeting place for society and wine-lovers, right in the middle of the Berlin equivalent of Times Square in the 1920s. During the war years, Willy Huth’s close relationships to high-quality vineyards stood him in good stead and the Weinhaus Huth was able to carry on with business as usual, even during these hard times.

Quite tiny, more seating outside than inside, inside quite noisy when busy.

I noticed the source of many of their beans I was already familiar with from coffee shops in England.

Dick Tayor bean-to-bar dark chocolate. Very expensive, 9-50 euros for a bar less than 100g.

My cappuccino was good, but a little disappointing, I expected better and are used to far better in both England and Athens.

Maybe my expectations were too high, this was The Barn with a reputation across Europe.

I returned later with a friend from Belgium. We were at Five Elephant, I suggested we may make it to The Barn at Postdamer Platz if I could remember where to find it.

We arrived with ten minutes to spare, only to learn now closed at nine not seven, summer times.

We shared a V60.

The baristas were helpful and talked her through the V60 as it was brewed.

I commented on my disappointment earlier to learn I had been served by Japanese World Champion barista Yuko Inoue.

The explanation may be, coffee slightly on the acidic side, dialled in to suit  Japanese taste.

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