Dash Vegan Zero Waste Shop

Opposite Wired, Cobden Chambers, an interesting courtyard of indie businesses. Above Think, a zero waste shop.

Several attempts to find open. Last visit only time for a cursory glance, not impressed. Today more time, still not impressed.

Limited stock, at the back clothes.

To weigh, have to weigh in 10g or may have been 20g increments.

Paper bags for dried goods, 5p a bag. Ludicrous when the bags can be recycled.

They expect customers to bring in glass storage jars.

Chocolate on display but contaminated with additives.


  • cocoa mass – sugar
  • cocoa mass – cocoa butter – sugar – vanilla

Anything added, not chocolate.

Milk chocolate milk powder added. White chocolate, cocoa butter, no cocoa mass.

I had with me two empty shampoo bottles from Holland & Barrett which were filled from large plastic containers, aloe vera and coconut oil.

This was Faith in Nature on sale in Holland & Barrett and currently on offer 30% off in Oxfam shops. Quite why Oxfam sells shampoo I am at a loss, as are the staff when asked.

Did I require a receipt? No paper receipts, ether sent via text or e-mail, which is serious violation of privacy.

How much paper a receipt?

They are trying too hard to be zero waste, limited stock.

Early days, hopefully they will improve.

When visiting Cobden Chambers, Ideas on Paper a must visit, excellent selection of books and quality magazines for example Standart, Drift, Ambrosia, On Nom, Caboodle, that do not find elsewhere.

For coffee Wired or Outpost Coffee.

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