Afternoon in Sheffield

Refurbished Northern Fail worse than before.

Empty two-coach Northern Fail train Lincoln to Sheffield makes the point, why travel from Lincoln to Sheffield for the same crap chains that can be found everywhere? A point lost on Sheffield City Council when responded to a criticism in fake-Left Guardian. Why hype Sheffield has 200 degrees a chain serving mediocre coffee at best when Sheffield has a vibrant coffee culture of independent speciality coffee shops serving excellent coffee. And why not mention Now Then, an excellent indie magazine. Train only starts to fill when nears Sheffield.

The main entrance from Sheffield Station leads to the city centre. I wished to leave by a back entrance, was there a back entrance, as I wished to be at the other side of the tracks?

I asked at the Information, I wished to get to the other side. They said no, only leads to trams, and signage only points to trams. They added, as if to say no one would wish to go there, leads to the estates.

When leaving by main entrance, can see flats across the valley.

I headed out to the trams, carefully crossed the tram lines, and walked up the slope towards the flats through South Street Park.

Luckily when I crossed the tracks, there was a sign pointing to South Street Kitchen.

South Street Kitchen is a hidden gem. Easy enough to find if know to follow the path and it is at the top below the flats.

I was reminded of Puerto de la Cruz, always find a bar-cafe often more than one at the foot of a block of flats.

Something I did not know until later that evening, the flats featured in an article in Now Then March 2019.

South Street Kitchen very new, a little over a year old. Open, light and airy. Seeing the barista disappear, I followed, to find a flight of stairs, and a much larger area on the first floor.

Coffee excellent. Food looked good too, but no time to stay as I was heading back to the station, then to Union St.

The coffee Dark Woods who appear to have something of a local monopoly in Sheffield. My only criticism, single origin old coffee and Dark Woods need to put roast date on their coffee, Best By is meaningless.

I wished to try the pop up kitchen, today Taiwanese, but to my annoyance too late, already packed up even though only lunch time.

Having a pop kitchen is a great idea, but they must get their act together.

I picked up copies of Now Then, a local freebie magazine, highly recommended. Not the usual glossy that goes straight in the bin. There is also an associated app.

— to be continued —-

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