Afternoon in York

One coach East Midlands train Lincoln to Doncaster.

At Doncaster, LNER train to York running at least ten minutes late. When it arrives confusion, the train East Midlands, no longer displayed on platform no announcements.

Train arrived ten minutes late in York.

On my last visit, I walked along the City Wall. I did the same today as brings to Barker Tower, one of two medieval towers guarding the River Ouse at Lendal Bridge, housing The Perky Peacock.

Excellent cappuccino, Origin coffee.

Usually I would walk into Lendal, have lunch at Burr, but never coffee as the coffee not good. Not today, I decided to walk to York Minster, then find The Shambles.

I looked in Brew & Brownie, too busy to eat, no Independent Life which I had hoped I may find.

Once again I get lost, could not find The Shambles.

Looked in a shop that had Montegrappa pens on display.

I find the little square overlooked by The Attic. A mistake not to have looked in the Attic for a coffee

Eventually I found The Shambles. I was after the street food market that runs parallel to The Shambles.

I had not been impressed by the street food market when I encountered on a previous visit to York. Today checking the stalls hoping to find something to eat, very disappointed. A hot dog stall, a burger stall, yuk.

Hot dogs, burgers and variants of junk food.

Eventually I settled on a dosa. I almost walked back to a shop where I had seen roast pork. It would at least have been cheaper.

I was shocked by what I was served, the doasa a ready mix out of a bought in plastic bag. At least the contents were good.

Utentils starch, container recycled card. Not a requirement of the market, an initiative of the taders.

Why then not a bin for compostable and biodegradable waste, into which could also go coffee grounds from the coffee stall, waste from the fruit and vegetable stall on the market?

Loud moronic music music from a bar not pleasant.

Bench seats to sit, but only myself and a couple of others. Not a popular market.

Then to Fossgate to find Kiosk.

Cappuccino Dark Woods.

Interesting conversation with a Norwegian girl who owns a coffee roastery in Norway. She told me the name. I should have asked her to write it down.

Although we talked coffee, we also talked commons, she was reading a book on commons.

— to be continued —

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