Spring Equinox in Sheffield

Spring Equinox when day equals night, from now on the days are longer the nights shorter.

The first day of spring.

International Happiness Day.

A lovely warm and sunny day, Sheffield hit 19.4C.

Fake-Left Guardian had a recent article on the dire state of Sheffield city centre. The local council, a one party state, hit back with eight tweets, the gist of which, Sheffield has the same crap cooperate chains as everywhere else.

Why would anyone visit Sheffield for the same crap corporate chains as every ghastly shopping centre?

As if to prove the point, an empty two-coach Northern Fail train Lincoln to Sheffield. It only started to fill part way through the journey.

The last time I visited Sheffield maybe in the 1970s, it was run down and derelict. Opening of Meadow Hall did not help.

Outside Sheffield Station, no signs pointing to city centre. It was thus follow where every one else appeared to be heading, up past a water feature, cross a road, and follow a broad pedestrianised path surrounded by Sheffield Hallam University.

Half up the wide pedestrianised street a little coffee kiosk, Motore Cafe serving Dark Woods coffee. A local roastery. How local is local, Sheffued no but Yorkshire yes.

Theen at the topd of the wide walk nothing. Where to the city centre. Sign osts would help. As would street names.

I was after Tamper Sellers Wheel. With the help of a local I managed to find. Confusin I was looking fora street Sellers Wheel. It is the name of the building.

Sellers Wheel an old indsutrial building put to good use.

I wa sunderimpressed and soewheat dispaanted. Too loud , trying to hard to be trendy.

I had a big fat overpriced roll for lunch. Hame isnide but spoilt by msuatrd. Why taint good ham. If needmustatrd, a little on the sdie of the palte. It is loke putting sugar in a coffee, chocolate dumped on top. Ina word don’t.

I did not have a coffee. Ozone coffee and it si never great.

On leaving I noticed they also had Dark Woods. V60? No, Kalita Wave.

Ozone has recently acqired Hasbean. They opear a stow comapnies witha holdin comany. I expressed surise Dark Woods not Hasbean. They said it would change. A very bad idea. Ditch Ozonefor Hasbena nd keep Drak Woods

There is a a second Tamper, but I did not find nore the other coffee shops I wished to find.

I came across Union St a real gem, an example of Respace, a derelict buidling put to good use.

Co-working space, a coffee shop, and pop up stree food. sadly I was toolaste for Tawianaies.

The coffee Dark Woods. Like Stokes in Lincoln, Dark Woods appears to ahve a local monploy.

It was then after a wonder down a street with the smae crap chains sas everwhere lese, time to head bacj to the Staion.

I looked in tamer Selles Wheel and picked up a Dark Woods Panama single origin.

— to be continued —-


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