Vegan friendly

What is vegan friendly?

Either a product is vegan ie plant based or it is not vegan. Vegan friendly is meaningless.

Holland & Barrett has on sale Vegan Friendly Dark Chocolate.

I queried their use of the term vegan friendly as meaningless.

They asked for more information, tried to blame the store.

I sent a picture of the chocolate bar sitting on the shelf in store.

No further response from Holland & Barrett. The usual corporate big business High Street chain customer care.

A bull in a field may be vegan friendly, a bar of chocolate not. To apply to a bar of chocolate meaningless.

Vegan is an excellent dosa of Ollo Foods stall on Guildford farmers market.

The bar of chocolate does not prominently state percentage of cocoa solids. Without, Dark Chocolate, is meaningless.

Quality chocolate, and that immediately rules out Cadbury’s,  now owned by Kraft, does not substitute. One of the commonest cheapest nastiest substitutes is palm oil.

If chocolate, or any product, contains palm oil, complain to the retailer and ask not to stock, and complain to the manufacturer.

Palm oil is bad for people and planet.

Quality chocolate use cocoa butter.

Quality chocolate is from aristan chocolate makers, expensive.

Quality chocolate is often bean-to-bar.

Artisan chocolate makers are following the lead of coffee, direct trade, often single origin, cocoa beans roasted to bring out the best flavour profile of the beans.

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