Day after shortest day in Nottingham

Sunny morning, tempted to go to York, but thought trains will be busy, people heading for Christmas Holidays, had not checked train times. Luckily I did not as Northern Fail were on strike, as were Southern Railways.

Was not sure if would even make the train, as yesterday Lincoln grid-locked.

1140 two-coach East Midlands train Lincoln to Nottingham, packed, standing room only, drunken yobs. More people pile on at Newark.

I usually avoid town centres on a Saturday, as seem to attract every idiot around. What was I doing travelling to Nottingham on a Saturday a couple of days before Christmas?

I looked in H Hopkinson next to the station. Amazing building full of junk.

Hops Coffee House and Bar appear to have upped their game since my last visit. Now using sunset espresso Stewarts of Trent Bridge but whether any good I do not know. They now need to up their game still further, employ a barista, someone who knows coffee, cappuccino served in too large a cup with chocolate dumped in top. They also need to ditch the output of chemical factories on tap and serve only craft beer.

Hops Coffee House and Bar appear to have expanded since my last visit, and were busy. Live train times displayed on the wall a good idea. But has this been at the expense of The Wonderland Cafe, a surreal, Alice in Wonderland tea shop which was hidden in the basement which sadly is no more?

To 200 Degrees around the corner from Nottingham Station overlooking Nottingham Canal for lunch.

Parsnip and honey soup a strange combination. Parsnip already sweet, why add honey? I could not though detect honey had been added.

200 Degrees was unusually quiet for lunchtime, maybe because weekend, though did fill up as I was leaving.

200 Degrees is excellent for lunch, but not for coffee, the coffee at best mediocre. The coffee on sale last few visits has always been old coffee, today they had upped their game and recent roast date. The espresso blend has robusta.

In the town centre, an ice skating rink and Christmas sheds selling tat and disgusting junk food.

An insult to cheesemakers, cheese claiming to be Great British Cheese, the smell was off putting.

To Ideas on Paper, my only reason for visiting Nottingham. I had hoped he had Om Nom issue 2, as he always keeps back copies of everything. Sadly not.

Outside I found a lady. I know not why I dragged her in. To my surprise, Ideas on Paper busy. I am usually the only visitor. The owner looked out of his depth.

As the lady had asked me about coffee shops, I recommended Cartwheel Coffee, The Speciality Coffee Shop, Wired and Outpost Coffee, I mentioned Standart and Drift. I also found for her Om Nom and Ambrosia. She was suitably impressed and thanked me especially as at a stroke I had solved Christmas presents for her.

I picked up latest Ambrosia and latest Standart.

Before Ideas on Paper I had looked in Think in Cobden Chambers. Pop up shops, or at least a few tables. Better quality tat than in the Christmas sheds.

Every time I pass by Wired, I pop in to say hello. Today, I decided to have a coffee. As on my last visit who I wished to see not there.

Cappuccuno ok, but not great.

Second good deed of the day. I helped someone looking for coffee.

I noticed James Hoffman has second edition of The World Atlas of Coffee.

To Outpost Coffee for V60.

My other reason for visiting Outpost Coffee, Om Nom issue No 2. Not on display. More hidden on a shelf. Could I buy? Had it been Drift or Standart, the answer would have been no. They kindly gave it to me.

It was then time to catch 1621 train, earlier than I usually leave, which I just made.

Luckily, train not crowded.

At Lincoln, gridlock at the barriers.

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