Cold misty afternoon in Guildford

A cold afternoon. In Guildford not misty, but looking down the High Street to North Downs across the valley shrouded in mist.

It used to be if saw any reusable coffee cups it was Keep Cup, then inferior clones of Keep Cup started to appear, and now one clone ecoffee cup is starting to dominate, only it is not that simple.

What is ecoffee, is it a company making coffee cups with a horrible rubbery, actually silicone, surround and lid, or is it several different companies, all buying from the same Chinese factory branded under their name?

So far

POLŪ Coffee Lab variety dark blue, logo on the rubbery surround, ecoffee FCB Coffee version multicoloured, logo on the rubbery surround.

Discussing this with both Coffee Lab and FCB coffee, why logo on the rubbery surround, which many remove as serves no useful purpose, would not it better to be on the cup, after all coffee shops put their name on the cup for takeaway throwaway cups (though I have never understood the logic of wishing to put ones name on trash that is littering the environment)?

We assumed cost, same cup, different bands. Though on reflection this makes no sense, as all the cups are different multicoloured cups. Though that raises questions on the dyes used. Maybe it is copying Keep Cup, the logo on the surround.

There are further questions, sustainable bamboo, compostable?

Crossing the road from Guildford Station to the River Wey, Harris + Hoole demonstrating why we need a latte levy.

Descending down to the River Wey to walk along the river into the town centre a noticeable drop in temperature.

Looking in Harris + Hoole, fairly busy, usually nearly empty. Since takeover by Caffe Nero they probably attract those who frequent the corporate chains, as they have lost any kudos they once had as a specialty coffee shop.

Looked in Food for Thought. Serving a disgusting concoction to drink. I suggested they check the Christmas farmers market on Tuesday. If Chimney Fire Coffee have a stall, talk to them about stocking their coffee.

As always excellent lunch in Bamboo Shoots.

On leaving, now very cold.

As always Surrey Hills coffee shop empty. Well OK, two customers, as good as empty.

By contrast, Krema as always busy. I am lucky to find a table.

I have a cappuccino followed by a V60.

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