Afternoon in Reading

A cold day that got colder.

GWR trains Gatwick-Guildford-Reading have usb charging ports and 13A mains sockets. Great, can charge phone, top up power bank, only one problem, half the time not working. Not working because Guard has not turned on the power. Same applies to wifi, the trains have wifi, but half the time not working. The Guard rarely walks through the train, thus passengers unable to inform the guard there is a problem, or buy a ticket.

Not able to buy a ticket on train, Guard fails to pass through the train.

Queues at Reading Station to buy a ticket.

New timetable? None on display. No one manning Information desk.

In January, rail companies will justify hike in rail fares claiming they are improving the service.

Reading Station has a side exit. Not sign posted. Hidden behind shops. I only know because I came in that way once. It is handy as leads direct to Reading Town Hall and cuts out the town centre.

Pass by CUP Reading Town Hall. Convenient if catching a train, but I would not otherwise recommend.

Chicken and noodle soup at Mum Mum. They are going backwards, was wooden utensils now plastic.

Why does every town centre think they have to have Christmas sheds selling disgusting junk food?

Reading town centre no exception. Sheds selling German sausages, doughnuts. The stomach churning stench wafting down the street from the doughnut stall makes one want to throw up.

Sales in High Street stores falling every month, mainly due to the service so bad. Instead of looking at how to enhance the town centre, some worthless jobsworth in a bullshit job who can not see further than the end of their nose, rents out space to these sheds to earn a few quid for the council, even though cost far more in loss of pleasant environment.

I look in mobile phone alley. I do not find what I want.

Opposite alley to Reading Minster and CUP coffee shop.

I look in Anonymous Coffee Shop. I ask why owner never there? I learn running a private coffee shop in Thames Tower, ugly office block outside the station.

Why open a coffee shop, ok a coffee counter in a wine shop, if never going to be there?

As always excellent cappuccino in CUP Reading Minster. Barista advises Costa Rica from The Roasting Party excellent.

But why no information about the coffee? The Roasting Party do not care. CUP have a sign, please ask barista for further information on the coffee.

Note: If go to The Roasting Party website there is still no information on their coffee. This is bad, very bad.

On leaving CUP and passing back down the alley, I see owner of Anonymous Coffee or at least who I assume to be the owner wheeling in a bicycle. I am about to walk in, he locks the door and says we are are closed. Odd for a wine shop.

Had I arrived earlier in Reading, I would have caught train around 4-30 to miss later packed train.

I catch 1732 Reading to Gatwick. As I expect packed, standing room only. Toward the front more room. A fat woman occupying a seat and a half.

Wifi not working, though usb power port working.

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