Cold wintry late November afternoon in Reading

A cold wintry afternoon in Reading, but at least not raining.

As I am about to board the train to Reading, doors closed and train drives off. Half an hour wait for next train.

I go direct to Reading Town Hall from Reading Station.

As I expected to find, CUP Reading Town Hall empty.

Chicken noodle soup in Mum Mum, back to hard to find chicken.

I show the biodegradable cutlery I had picked up from Pure at Waterloo Station last week. Nothing to state who supplies.

I wander to phone shop alley to have a chat with one of the phone shops.

Walking down the alley leading to Reading Minster and CUP I do not see owner in Anonymous Coffee. It has always been empty when I pass by. What is the point on opening a coffee shop, not being there and employing someone who cannot make coffee?

I found Reading Minster open, wander in.

I did not notice times when open, but appears to close at dusk. At 3-30 a lady closed a side door.

CUP hidden behind Reading Minster is worth finding as always excellent coffee in a pleasant environment.

Today no exception, an excellent cappuccino.

I catch 4-30 train. Crowded, but not as crowded at five o’clock train. I could have caught a train at 4-50 but it probably would have been packed.

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