Thai meal Maria’s Cafe

Waterloo Station, tired after trek to Dark Mountain Terra book launch, several minutes wait for a train and platform not yet showing on display board.

I decided to walk to Lower Marsh around the back of Waterloo Station and find something to eat in Maria’s Cafe.

It was packed and noisy. I nearly did not stay but a pleasant Thai girl found me a table.

Cashew nuts and pork stir fried served with rice was excellent.

The only problem, a nearby table full of noisy drunken yobs. I relocated to another table to get further away from them.

On leaving the restaurant, I said they had to deal with the problem, otherwise they would lose all their quality customers.

An Asian couple who left at the same time as I did, said they left as soon as they finished their meal because it was impossible to relax.

They were pleased when I said it was not usually like this as they had not been before and enjoyed their meal. They agreed, something had to be done about drunken yobs, either asked to quieten down or asked to leave as disturbing other diners.


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