Anonymous Coffee

I had looked in Anonymous Coffee last week, down an alley between Broad Street and Reading Minster, Chain Street en route to CUP.

Coffee sourced from Union, which sadly does not mean a lot these days as they will supply anyone.

I ordered a cappuccino.

Not very good, weak and insipid, with an unpleasant taste.

I find a large lounge on the first floor, learn food at weekends, occasional evenings, plus wine tasting sessions which have to be booked on advance.

Entire shelf of wine books. I suggest also have books on coffee. I recommend Real Fresh Coffee and The Wold Atlas of Coffee, and subscribe to or buy Standart and Drift. If wish to add excellent reading on food then also add Ambrosia and Om Nom.

Only a couple of customers.

I am told, look in again when owner is there, as the coffee will be better.

But if that be the case, owner should be there serving the coffee.

Anonymous Coffee occupies the corner of a wine shop. Quite a good idea as pulls more people in, and help shares the rent and bills.

Interesting mural on the wall.

What I did not like was the free wifi was being used to pass personal data to a third party. This is abuse of personal data and not acceptable.

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