Gostrey Meadow Christmas lights switch on

Gostrey Meadow is full of people for the Farnham Carnival in the summer, but nothing like today.

Gostrey Meadow was packed with people, so crowded it was nigh impossible to move.

A different stage to the summer carnival, also a large screen.

As I approached, I could hear drumming. I assumed it was a professional group. To my surprise a group of school kids.

The drumming then ceased and they left the stage.

Then as I was about to leave the drumming started again. Whether the same kids, I do not know, but I think a different group of kids and very young.

But what was amazing was how good they were.

Sadly the usual crap stalls as the Farnham Carnival, the same low environmental standards.

I am at a loss why the low environmental standards, and why they do no make the effort to offer quality street food. If the Sustainability Fayre can maintain high environmental standards, host quality stalls why not other events in Gostrey Meadow?

To see rows of stalls serving disgusting food in polystyrene containers, drinks served in plastic-lined paper cups or plastic cups, is not acceptable.

On my way to Farnham, I looked in on the Aldershot Christmas Market. Not intentionally I did not even know it was on. I missed the bus and rather than wait twenty minutes in the cold, I went for a walk.

Walking to Gostrey Meadow, I looked in a charity shop on the corner of Downing Street. A water colour of Newport Arch in Bailgate in Lincoln, a Roman arch. Also, maybe a different artist, a water colour of an alley in Canterbury.

Many people walking to and fro Gostrey Meadow, lots of traffic, and yet still an inconsiderate idiot parks their 4×4 on the double yellow lines causing chaos in Downing Street. These arrogant people think it ok to park wherever they wish as they pop into a shop.

A cappuccino in Krema. As last week chocolate was added to my cappuccino I specified no chocolate. It arrived in a takeaway cup with chocolate. Then at five o’clock harassing people to leave.

Not good.

At five maybe before, church bells ringing. A Christmas market in the Parish Church, but now packing up. As I walked in, one of the tables collapsed, smashing all the crockery. As I was leaving a man asked me to clean up the tables.

In Waitrose, bananas once again rotting on the shelves.

I let the guy on the checkout know, and the girl on the information counter. She admitted not good. I agreed not good, especially as I told them last week bananas rotting on the shelves.

On Guildford street market, bananas in this state would be thrown away. But then they have fresh stock, and not sweating in plastic bags.

I mentioned to one of the stallholders. He was appalled, but not surprised. For them, fresh produce is their business, they care.

Nor would find Hisbe in Brighton have fresh produce rotting on the shelves.

But as a lady in Krema said, in Waitrose they do not care, which is why she dos not shop there.

Too often local papers have offers encouraging freebies in corporate chains. Excellent therefore Farnham Herald has an offer of free coffee in Coffee Cherry Artisan Coffee Shop in Alton, no strings attached. Though in realty it is a third of a page ad in the local paper.

Coffee Cherry Artisan Coffee Shop is the weirdest experience I have ever had in a coffee shop. I was refused a coffee because I knew about coffee.

In the offer owner claiming she has nine years experience in coffee indutry. Not the impression I was given.

But by all means take up the offer.

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